"Scott has been a terrific advisor to BlackGold Biofuels. With his breadth of experience, he really understands both the investor and the entrepreneur point of view, first hand. He translates this insight into direct, constructive feedback that’s immediately applicable and realistic. His feedback has helped our company improve high level items like our business model and financing strategy as well as day-to-day items like our presentations. Scott also has a great network and he has made some excellent introductions on our behalf. To boot, he’s also great fun to work with – he’s enthusiastic, responsive, and supportive."

--Emily Landsburg, CEO BlackGold Biofuels

"Scott's wealth of connections in the US and abroad is invaluable for companies like One Degree Solar, and he has always taken the initiative to introduce us to potential partners and clients. His background in international development, social entrepreneurship, microfinance, and cleantech make him a uniquely well-rounded mentor for us and many other entrepreneurs and growing companies."

--Gaurav Manchanda,One Degree Solar

"I have been amazed at the breadth of Scott’s knowledge of the clean technology space. I also recommend him for his razor-sharp business acumen. Unlike many in our industry, he does not stop with advice that points out a problem, but he thinks ahead to begin outlining potential solutions, and he knows how to make the key connections and to proactively pull people together."

Andrew Daga, CEO, Momentum Dynamics

"Scott's leadership has really helped GoodCompany Ventures evolve from a local project to a national leader for social innovation. Clients of Verde Strategy will be fortunate to have Scott as an advisor."

--Garrett Melby, CEO and co-founder, GoodCompany Ventures.

"Scott has been instrumental in creating our new Demand Organic campaign, which is the perfect hook for the new consumer audience we'd like to reach. The Demand Organic concept is edgy, it's true to our roots, it's a call to action, and it's a bridge from our longtime supporters to a newer, broader audience. He has also offered invaluable assistance every step of the way, from reviewing the content to commenting on design and tying it all into fundraising. This project would not have happened without his guidance, knowledge and expertise."

-- Maya Rodale, Director of Communications and Outreach, Rodale Institute


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